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Christina & Andrew

The gorgeous Christina and Andrew were wedded on a beautiful, sunny summer day and when they were originally deciding where to host their celebration, it was clear it had to be on … More


Lindsay & Chris

The definition of a love story. Who would have thought…going away on a holiday and meeting the one in another country? As I was editing this film and saw how many memories were JAM … More


Heather & Matt

Once in a while comes an exceptionally beautiful love story! When two people are so happy and in love, it's so contagious and I think meant to be shared! Puts out good vibes into … More


Ashley & Jamie

Literally a wedding dream come true for the beautiful Ashley and Jamie! … More


Denise & Darroll

What makes two people compatible? This beautiful trailer almost seems like an instruction book for that. Denise is so sweet and bubbly which complements Darroll's lovingness and … More


Nicole & Jamie

The amazing wedding of the ultra beautiful and authentic Nicole and Jamie. … More


Jasmine & Matt

Why do people get married? Jasmine and Matt show us exactly why! This was SUCH an inspiring day filled with love and laughter. And these people know how to have FUN! … More


Stacey & Ryan

Super Fun and Romantic Wedding Film Trailer for Stacey and Ryan. Totally awesome! … More


Andrea & Will

When two people are so happy and in love it also truly becomes a gift to the world. This is inspiration and what life essentially boils down to. How much we give, receive and share … More