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Are you a happy person?
Don't take life too seriously?
In love with your fiance? With life??

Then we need to talk. You have a wedding experience of a lifetime coming up and that story is waiting to be documented, told and shared! One which will leave YOU and others feeling totally inspired!

We are a boutique wedding filmmaking studio based out of London, Ontario. Please have a look around. If you feel inspired by what you see, we'd love to discuss your upcoming event.

Most Amazing and Stunning Videography Company with the Best Brand of Cinematography for Weddings and Special Events in London, Ontario and Toronto

AV Artisan Wedding Films, a branch of AV Artisan Productions, is London, Ontario and Toronto's most amazing and stunning videography company of choice having the best brand of cinematography and artistry complemented with professionalism and ethics that continues to inspire lives through their film productions.

AV Artisan Wedding Films is a boutique wedding filmmaking studio based in London, Ontario and their main goal is to chronicle one of the most important and best moments of your life! But in a creative and inspiring manner. Love is a beautiful thing that man is gifted to experience and share. It is a human experience that everyone deserves to feel and be swept away by its magic. Love is something we should not lose sight of from the moment it is within reach, and above all, love is something that we all need. One of the most tangible manifestations of love is marriage and what better way to share it than to show people how love put a smile on your face or shed that tear of joy when you happily tied the knot with your other half? Share the love and inspire others! You have a wedding experience of a lifetime coming up and that story is waiting to be documented, told and shared! One which will leave YOU and others feeling totally inspired!

AV Artisan Wedding films offers the best videography coverage of your fairytale love story, from engagement up to your marriage! Employing the best state-of-the-art cinematography gear and fine artistry skills makes AV Artisan the renowned and respected company that it is now in all of London, Ontario and Toronto, assuring you of the fairytale-like chronicle of your love story. Their videographers and production members are enthusiastic, highly-skilled, professional and offer the highest regard to the art and craft of videography and cinematography, offering you the best and highest-quality coverage.

AV Artisan aims to create fun and emotional films that leave you and your family feeling totally inspired! Offering stunning trailers, highlights, short films, feature films, engagement films and documentary footage.

Not Just a Business Transaction But Connecting and Sharing the Love and Passion

AV Artisan Productions was founded in 2007 by Greg Idasz, an artist, professional videographer, cinematographer and a lover of life. He is currently AV Artisan Wedding Films’ owner and creative director inspiring the pool of videographers within the company. Greg is a true artist with a gift in capturing the cathartic essence of a beautiful and emotional event making it stunning, inspirational and timeless, yet also fun, light-hearted and lively! He has trained and worked with some of the world’s leading wedding videographers and event cinematographers, laying the foundation of global excellence in every endeavor that AV Artisan Productions undertakes.

Today, his biggest passion is crafting cinematic wedding films in the most innovative and unconventional way that effectively captures the true emotions of the event offering fresh, creative, captivating and emotional wedding stories. Stories that manage to stir real emotions in viewers. Videography is not just a business transaction for them but it is a way to connect with you at a personal level and to share the love and passion that they have for the craft while focusing on telling your story.

The company’s goal has grown into touching and inspiring lives – taking couples’ happiness and packaging it into a perfect sentimental gift – a living memorabilia of such a special occasion in your life.

It is a blessing to love and be loved in return but it is a rather rare gift to be able to share that love and inspire others to feel the same.

Help us help you share that love.