Our purpose is to inspire, deepen, and later on rekindle the love and passion that couples have for one another, bringing the most magical memories back to life by artistically and discretely documenting your most meaningful experiences. We retell your story in the form of a breathtaking, emotional, and fun wedding film, one that you makes your heart race and that you can cherish, watch over and over, and share with future generations.


Creative Excellence | Storytelling | Color Vibrancy | Authenticity | Audio Clarity

Best wedding videographers in Vancouver. Beautiful cinematography.

The Company

AV Artisan Wedding Films is a professional, premium luxury wedding filmmaking studio based in the Vancouver region of BC, Coquitlam, Canada. We cover your events nationally and internationally. We may not be the cheapest around but you do get the best high-end quality and peace of mind on your big wedding day, with our top-of-the-industry image and sound quality and creative story telling. This isn’t just a side job, this is our specialty and this is all we get to do.

In 2013, we were awarded Best Wedding Videography 2nd place in all of Canada, by the Wedding Industry Experts Awards. In 2014, we were voted Most Popular Wedding Videography/Cinematography in Canada and worldwide. For the last three consecutive years we’ve been awarded Wedding Wire’s Couples’ Choice Award for best service and quality.

We serve Vancouver, Kelowna, Kamloops, Banff, Lake Louise, Ontario and international destinations.

Meet the Creative Director

I’m Greg. My days are filled with retelling stories of love, passion and adventure. I’ve always had a knack of creating good videos since I was a child, back then using now archaic editing tools. I never envisioned that becoming a wedding filmmaker would be so fulfilling, yet over years of non-stop hard work, study, and constant improvement, I discovered this truly is my calling. I get to infuse so much positive energy into the world through my work.

I can make up anything I want to say about myself so I’d rather let others speak for me. One father of the groom had this to say, “I’ve never seen anyone work so hard in my life – and still smiling at the end of the day and still answering my many questions.” Premier wedding planner, Blissful Bookings, said, “Greg’s talent and mastery at film is unmatched in the industry. He deserves an academy award!!” One bride, Lindsay, had this to say, “He is so genuine and professional and his passion for his work comes through in every film!”

Best wedding cinematographers videographers in Vancouver

On a regular basis, I travel around for shoots and train one-on-one with some of the world’s leading wedding cinematographers, photographers, and event professionals. Every day I get to share my passion with people around the world and every day I look forward to creating the next, beautiful wedding film.