01. Why do I need a video?

Reason 1:

As you’ll discover, or ask any wedded couple, the wedding day goes by in a big, fast blur! While you’re so busy in your head, there’s so much that happens all around you that you miss at the time. A film allows you to catch all the details AND discover things about the day that you didn’t even know about! Things that happened in the next room, something somebody else said about you, others reactions during the ceremony or reception, see what went on at cocktail hour while you were out taking pictures, and so on.

Reason 2:

You’ll have a permanent souvenir not just for yourself but to share with family and friends around the world. Instantly online! And also with your future children. Have you seen your parents or grandparents wedding video? Exactly. Probably not. Imagine if you could. Here’s the gift your children will have with your decision to have it filmed now. Hear what mommy and daddy sounded like back when they got married.

Reason 3:

I’m sure you know married couples who could add to the numerous surveys and polls show showing that one of the most, if not THE biggest regrets of a wedded couple is not having had it filmed or at least filmed properly (friends/family mean well but can’t possibly compare to professional craftsmanship). Plus how many times have I heard that a couple got a friend to film it and never saw the footage again. Learn from the mistakes of others that went ahead of you and don’t add your statistics to the pile.

Reason 4:

This is likely the only time in your entire life where you’ll have all your family and friends from all over the world gathered at the same time and place. How could anybody pass up the chance to document that? Not only that, it’ll also likely be the only time you have so many speeches honouring you (while you’re still alive). We get to not only capture that one time event but weave it into a compelling story for you to keep forever. You can’t hear anything that was said in your photos.

02. What makes AV Artisan unique? Why go with AV Artisan?

The same factors why we won Best Cinematographer for SW Ontario (it wasn’t even a close race) and 2nd in Canada in 2013, most popular worldwide the following year plus other awards. With us you don’t get a recap video played to a song. People hire us for our artistic vision and powerful storytelling ability along with the highest technical quality to match. Our wedding films are all about emotional impact – the entire range from the heartwarming teary exchanges to funny antics to excitement of the party to feeling like you’re soaring on top of the world with our epic shots! Our wedding films also excel in that you feel like you really get to know the couple. Our work also excels with artistry and a creative flow, impeccable image and color quality, pristine sound quality of voices, meticulous editing, and our smooth floating “Hollywood” shots. Above all, what makes AV Artisan unique is the culmination of everything that is Greg – the pleasant and friendly personality, the passion, the many years of experience and know-how, the high quality standards…as one bride put it, “The technology of what you do far exceeds anything that we have seen, but your heart and passion are what cannot be duplicated!”

04. What cameras do you shoot with?

Powerful large censor cinematic cameras like the Panasonic GH4, Canon C100, Sony FS700, Canon 5Dmk3 and others. In the end, it’s the not the camera that counts as much as it is the user behind it and how you use it.

05. A video is just not in our budget.

Of course, sometimes tight budgets are just a reality. However, the painful regret of having missed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity really hurts too. And finances can be remedied. Lost memories can’t.

06. I’m not interested in videography.

This idea is usually based on what people have seen in the past – traditional, straight forward, often really long and drawn out or contrived and cheesy. The camera operator simply presses record from a tripod and documents what happens, sometimes even applying cliche effects or directing couples in outdated poses. AV Artisan takes a completely new and fresh approach that goes so much deeper, designed to capture and elicit the most excitement and emotions possible using modern and creative techniques and then editing away during the post-production stages to craft a beautiful wedding story.

07. What’s the difference between videography and cinematography?

Essentially, cinematography takes things up to a whole new level of creativity as we make a movie and tell a story.

Videography is generally more conventional documenting. Often a camcorder on a tripod or shoulder mounted. Usually point and shoot. Videos are usually a chronological recap of events with a song playing over top.

Cinematography is more creative and complex and includes all of the elements that go into filmmaking: how effectively we compose a shot in order to tell the story, how we most effectively use lighting to get the right look or feel for that scene, the more creative gear and tools we use to get that “cinematic look,” a lot more attention to detail, the narrative and overall sound design – all for the united purpose of constructing a beautiful and effective film to engage your emotions and tell your story. Even the music selection is very thought out and is weaved meticulously into the fabric of your story.

In Hollywood, a cinematographer is just one member of an entire team. In weddings, a cinematographer wears numerous hats with various skills as we’re usually a very small crew. Personally, I’m also director, colorist, audio engineer, and editor. It’s very rare to have so many strengths in one person.

In the end, when I produce a wedding film, it doesn’t really matter what title you call me. The result speaks for itself. It’s just that most people are more familiar with the term “videographer.”

08. We’re already getting photos done and don’t need video.

Perfect, you do need them. The major limitation with pictures is you can’t hear what was said! Or relive the emotion of how it was said. There are so many nuances and voices inflections that can only be seen and heard on video. You’ll never get to see the actual first dance, see everyone’s reactions or hear their laughter, feel the ambiance of the event or laugh at the bloopers. And all those touching or hilarious toasts and speeches? A well-crafted video is simply charged with energy and life as it retells the entire story; it’s not just still images. We’ve even had feedback where couples afterwards said they would have actually gone with just the video and no photo! (which we definitely don’t recommend) It’s interesting how certain other cultures prioritize video over photo and look after that first.

09. Actually, we didn’t even consider videography.

You’re not alone. People just don’t know the incredible quality that’s become available in the last several years. These are NOT long, boring or cheesy traditional videos like you’ve seen in the past. Please give it a second look, educate yourself a bit to the modern offerings and then spread the news! The topic of regret is a big one a keeps coming up over and over. All sorts of articles about it online, like here: https://www.theknot.com/content/wedding-video-must-or-maybe

10. Do you work alone or do you have an assistant?

We use two cinematographers to most effectively capture everything. Greg is always your principal cinematographer and creative director. Other talented team members help with the productions as needed.

11. How long will it take to produce our film?

Each wedding film is custom hand crafted and with all the extra attention-to-detail precision works of art do take time. It takes up to six months. In the meantime, as a solution to offset all the anticipation of waiting for your film, the Theatrical Trailer is offered as a super well-crafted preview provided for viewing online just days after your wedding! Very popular option. Most samples on the home page Theatre here are Trailers.

12. How do I secure my wedding date with you?

After a meeting (in person or on Skype), we set up an agreement to be signed accompanied with a $1,900 non-refundable reservation fee to hold your wedding date.

13. Do you offer photography as well?

Unfortunately no. In order to achieve the highest level of cinematic perfection we put all our focus into the cinematography. The complexity of creating a compelling wedding film far exceeds the process of photography and includes orchestrating synchronized multi-camera shoots, audio recording and engineering in post, working with and setting up lighting, extensive production in the editing room using pro editing suites, selecting and timing to soundtracks, colour correction and grading or every single clip, exporting, packaging, etc. High quality filmmaking is a specialty service and usually doesn’t compare to a photo/video bundle.

14. Who chooses the music for the soundtrack?

Music selection is critical in the filmmaking process. We spend a LOT of time searching for the perfect licensed soundtracks and instrumental musical scores in order to create the appropriate emotion and vibe for your different scenes. We know the type of footage we have, know your personalities and story, and develop a specific vision for your film, for which we need the exact right music.

15. Do you need a ride during the day?

It’s very thoughtful of people to ask but we usually do require our own vehicle to transport our portable studio and gear wherever we go. Hint – It’s a whole lot more than just a camera.

16. Do we need to feed you at the reception?

Yes, please and thank you. We work a LOT better when we’re fed, especially after running around doing ninja backflips and hauling gear non-stop since first thing in the morning. Mind you, we don’t really have a chance to sit for very long during meal time since there’s so much that needs to be done. But yes, a warm meal is like a revitalizing burst of life purpose! :)

17. Do you film out of town?

Yes, we’re quite willing to travel just about anywhere people really want an incredible wedding film experience. Nationally or internationally. Most weekends we’re on the road to events, whether to other urban centers or beautiful countryside destinations. Terms are very simple. You receive one wedding film quote. No extra travel fees or hidden charges. Easy.

18. What kinds of videos do you offer? How long are they?

Our creative films range between 2 (Trailer) and 25 minutes. Accompanying these, you also get a video of your ceremony and speeches or even of the entire day if you choose.

19. How much does it cost?

First, a lot of the one time expenses for your wedding which will never be used again are the things that “cost,” are gone and will never come back. Based on how your wedding film will live on and be shared long after your night has ended we truly believe this is an investment where the ROI will fill you up many, many times over. As one of our couples’ put it, “His value is worth the lifetime of memories you will receive and you really cannot put a dollar amount on his work because in retrospect it is priceless!!” (Amanda and Adam). As for specific dollar amount, a small, short intimate wedding down the street from us made into a short highlights film will be very differently calculated than a large downtown wedding with mandatory valet parking filmed 14 hours morning to night and made into a Feature Film, which will be very different from a country wedding 6 hours away. Please inquire with at least a reasonable amount of detail about your day for your own custom quote. If possible, try to include both ceremony and reception locations and ceremony start time.

20. Who is this video NOT for?

If you’re price shopping around for the lowest cost, we probably won’t be it.

If you’re looking for a complete wedding video returned back to you right after your wedding, we aren’t a factory cookie-cutting operation…although we do offer two solutions for instant gratification: 1) a Theatrical Trailer option, which is delivered within just one week of the wedding +$700. Option 2 is to expedite your film and put it first in line in our editing cue +$900.

If you want a traditional wedding video that’s long, that’s not our specialty. Although you do have a couple of options for watching all the raw footage.

If you want a basic, chronological recap of your day with no talking, just set to a top 40 song, that’s not really our style.

21. Who is this FOR?

If you love getting really excited watching and re-watching your own movie about your wedding day and relationship, this is it.

If you value being able to share this day with anyone after your wedding night has ended, this is a must. Pictures do not take you there like sound, motion and beautiful visuals.

If you wish you could see your parents or your grandparents wedding video, but you can’t because they don’t have one, this is your chance to allow your children and grandchildren to at least see their parents and grandparents wedding.

If you appreciate the finer aspects of art, story telling and motion pictures, this is for you.

If you love to feel emotions – from love to exhilaration to laughing and playfulness, this will do it.