Jill & Dan

“When I asked other brides about one of the biggest regrets they had on their wedding day or things they wished they had done differently – many of them said they wished they had hired a videographer. Taking that into consideration I researched every videographer in our area when I came across AV Artisan Wedding Films. Greg’s work instantly captivated me. It was obvious from his online work how much attention he paid to detail and how much effort was put into creating a unique film suited to every unique couple. From the moment I booked with Greg the whole process was so easy – he was responsive to emails, easy to get a hold of and, made a huge effort to fully know the details of the day. He made us feel 100% confident with our decision and it was easy to trust him! He knew the timeline of the wedding day and was so cooperative and easy to work with – despite my plans for multiple shooting locations and surprises throughout the day! When we received our video it was became crystal clear that it was worth the wait. We were both so happy with the end result. Our video features so many highlights of the day and truly tells a story – our story. We laughed, we cried, and we smiled from ear to ear while watching our wedding film. I can’t express how nice it was to see our day intricately put together in a way that told a story and not simply chronological. The best part of it all is that you feel like you get to relive your special day, in such a different way than looking at your photographs. I cannot express how talented Greg is and how extremely happy any bride and groom would be to have him join them on their wedding day!!” Jill & Dan